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​제품 소개

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OSV_Product 1
PLUG VALVES   플러그 밸브

• Sleeved Plug valves API6D & API599 design

• Teflon-lined Plug valves API6D & API599 design

• Lubricated Plug valves API6D & API599 design

• Dual expanding Double Block & Bleed valves API6D & API599 design

OSV_Product 2
GATE, GLOBE AND CHECK VALVES   게이트, 글로브, 체크 밸브

• Gate valves API600 & API602 design

• Globe valves API600 & API602 design

• Check valves API600 & API602 design

• Cryogenic valves API600 & API602 design

• Bellow-seal valves API600 & API602 & BS6364 design

OSV_Product 3

• Soft seat Ball valves Floating type / Trunnion type API6D & API608 design

• Metal seat Ball valves Floating type / Trunnion type API6D & API608 design

Quality Certification

품질 인증

The quality policy of OS Valve Co., Ltd. is focused on providing a product and service that meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements and on enhancing customer satisfaction

Company Approval 

          •  ISO9001:2015

          •  ISO14001:2004

          •  ISO45001

          •  CE-PED Module-H

Product Approval 

          •  API6D

          •  APIRP591-Valves Qualification

          •  Fire-safety

          •  TAT

Fugitive Emission Certificate

          •  API624

          •   ISO15848

          •  Ta-Luft 

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